Opening Hours: Monday To Saturday (Except for the 2nd and the 4th Saturday) between 10am to 4pm

OMPRAKASH DEORA PEOPLE’S CO.OP BANK LTD, is registered with DICGC (https://www.dicgc.org.in/)


At the time of establishment of the bank, with the support of 421 members and a total share capital of Rs.3.46 lakhs, the founder chairman of the bank Mr. Omprakashji Devda started the bank and then on the basis of regular planning and foresight, the bank’s own building was built in the year 1983-84. Decided to build and d. On 25/09/1987, the Bank entered its grand and well-equipped Vastu at a strategic location in Hingoli town. Contents In a very short period of time till 1993 the bank expanded its branches to a total of 7 districts of Marathwada and Vidarbha and today the bank is providing banking services for the economic development of the grassroots people through its 24 branches (including the Chopda branch) in a total of 12 districts including 11 in Maharashtra and 1 in Andhra Pradesh. . Being a leader in development, the bank obtained the status of being a multistate bank on 09/12/1999 and the certificate was given by the then Union Minister of Heavy Industries Hon. no Mr. Received by Manohar Raoji Joshi. Assessment of the quality, financial soundness and commercial safety of the bank’s operations was carried out by Quality Certification Services (India) IQCS and by them dt. Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008 has been issued on 10/12/2010 in accordance with the criteria set by Accreditation Services for Certification Bodies (Europe) Ltd. Keeping up the pace of its business development, the Bank started computerizing its operations in the year 1997-98 and in the year 2003-04, the Bank computerized the entire banking operations of all the branches. D. P. The department has also been established in the head office. The bank has now s. V. C. Bank Ltd. With the aim of further expanding customer service by purchasing ‘Genius Software’ of Mumbai, the Bank has started the process of implementing the core banking system at the earliest. RTGS/NEFT : RTGS/NEFT has been introduced by the bank to enable bank customers to remit or withdraw their funds outside the village quickly without any delay. The arrangement has also been started from April 2011. The Bank has been honored by various organizations for best performance .
Year 1994-95 Padma Bhushan Kai. Vasantdada Patil Outstanding Urban Cooperative Bank Award Year 1995-96 Padmashri Kai. Vasantdada Patil Outstanding Urban Co-operative Bank Award Year 1996-97 Award for Outstanding Urban Cooperative Bank (National Institute for Co-Op. Development and Rural Management Amravati) Year 1997-98 Award for Outstanding Success to the Bank in the State Level Competition organized by Youth Mudra Karad – Satara in Viddama Year 1998 -99 Padma Bhushan Kai. Vasantdada Patil Outstanding Urban Co-operative Bank Award 1999-00 Commemoration and Appreciation, National Federation of Urban Co-Op in ‘8th All India Conference, New Delhi’. Bank and Credit Society Ltd. Given by NAFCUB. 2001-02 Best Bank Award in the State, dt. Maharashtra State Co-op. From Bank Federation Ltd., Mumbai 2004-05 Best Bank Award in the State, dt. Maharashtra State Co-op. Award from Bank Association Ltd., Mumbai for the year 2005-06 as the best bank in the state, dt. Maharashtra State Co-op. Year 2009-10 Padma Bhushan from Bank Association Ltd., Mumbai . Vasantdada Patil Outstanding Urban Cooperative Bank Award Year 2010-11 Jeevan Gaurav Award Bank Hon. President Mr. Devda d. Maha. State Co-op. From Bank Federation Ltd., Mumbai, the bank has constructed its own buildings for the following branches to serve its customers, benefiting from its founding year and also distributing dividends to its esteemed members every year and bonuses at the same rate as SFOF. 1. Head Office, 2. Branch Hingoli, 3. Deulagavanaraja, 4. Jalna, 5. Nanded, 6. Aurangabad, 7. The Bank has purchased land for setting up its own building in Near Bazar (under construction), branches Parbhani, Bori and Jintur. Besides, construction of own building for all branches is proposed in near future. The Bank has always given priority to customer service. Our bank is the only bank in Maharashtra to publish an annual report with balance sheet and profit and loss statement certified by the auditor after completing the audit of the bank before the annual general meeting continuously till date. All banks in India have NPA. are worried about the increase in loans (overdue loans). The percentage of “0 %” has been maintained in the year 2011-12 as well, which is commendable. Statutory Audit in the year 2011-12 for its highest working system, annual performance as well as RBI, Cooperative Account, Bank’s Hon. Founder and Chairman, Bank Hon. All Honorable Members of the Board of Directors, Branch Committees Hon. Based on the guidance provided from time to time by the Chairman and Member Bank’s well-wishers, customers, members and People’s Co. The Bank has maintained the “A +” grade status due to the hard work of all the associates of the operative bank family. People’s Bank’s M. President Mr. Omprakashjia Devda has played an important role in the establishment of Marathwada Urban Co-op Banks Association in Aurangabad and the construction of magnificent buildings, he has been the founder president of both the above. Mr. Omprakashji Devda was felicitated with the ‘Sahkarratna’ award by the Government of Maharashtra and the Maharashtra State Cooperative Council for his People’s Co-op. The bank is justifiably proud. Founder Chairman of the Bank Hon. Mr. Omprakashji Devda through Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank Association Ltd., Mumbai. Vishnuanna Patil ‘Jiwan Gaurav’ Award. On January 10, 2012, P.L. Deshpande Maharashtra Kala Akademi (Ravindra Nataya Mandir) Prabhadevi, Mumbai at Hon. Shri Nitinji Gadkari (National President, Bharatiya Janata Party) and Hon. Prof. Honored in the presence of Mr. Sanjayji Bhende (Working Chairman), The Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank Association Ltd., Mumbai. Which is our payment to the bank. Omprakash Deoda People’s Co-operative Bank is at the forefront of introducing ‘Any time any where’ core banking process to expand the convenience of its customers. The highlights (snapshots) of the Bank’s business performance in the previous year are given on the previous page.
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