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OMPRAKASH DEORA PEOPLE’S CO.OP BANK LTD, is registered with DICGC (https://www.dicgc.org.in/)

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We are registered with DICGC

About Us

Out of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Devadi Dev Mahadeva’s Bharat Bhoomi Sri Omprakashji Devda, a hard-working, visionary and socially responsible young politician and businessman son of Srikshetra Ondha Nagnath, a well-known Jyotirlinga nearby and the land of Saints, dated 27th January On 1983, with all the preliminary preparations, the then Union Planning Minister Hon. no Mr. Omprakash Deoda People’s Co-operative Bank Ltd., Hingoli, under the auspicious hand of Shankara Raoji Chavan, has provided a comprehensive banking system for the overall development of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh region.


Helping Find Solutions For Customers Since 1983

The Bank has maintained the “A +” grade status due to the hard work of all the associates of the operative bank family. People’s Bank’s M. President Mr. Omprakashjia Devda has played an important role in the establishment of Marathwada Urban Co-op Banks Association in Aurangabad and the construction of magnificent buildings.
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